Khawla aims to offer a vast variety of pocket-friendly and portable safety products, including pepper sprays and safety alarm kits. Each Khawla article is built to perfection through rigorous tests and checks that we conduct on our certified formula, ensuring a quality product. Every product is brought to life with precision, care and attention.

Khawla Pepper Spray

Our Featured Product

Highest quality, non-lethal pepper spray in Pakistan. Limited time offer, get the best pepper spray for only Rs. 1600/- with Free Delivery. 

pepper spray

Directions for Use


Hold the bottle upright and insert thumb inside the cap and rest it on the actuator.


Hold the pepper spray at arm’s length and aim towards the assailant face. (If wind is blowing towards you, do not aim) .


Warn the assailant. If assailant ignores warning and is within firing range (2ft – 8ft), press on the actuator to spray the contents at the assailant’s face, until the assailant is incapacitated


Do not attempt to engage with the assailant. Move to a safe location and call the police at its hotline (15)

Women Safety

Freedom: Women's self-defense ultimately gives women freedom, as they are able to defend themselves against both mental, emotional and physical challenges. Women who are afraid to express themselves are confined by their fears. Instead, confidence builds freedom.

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